Q: What is chamakpatti?

A: Chamakpatti is traditional sticker art, commonly done on our local rickshaws, trucks and buses. The beauty of chamakpatti is enhanced by how it reflects and radiates different shades of a color under different sources of light.

Q: Are Hand painted Trays, Kettles, Jugs, Glasses, (all hand painted products) washable?

A: Hand painted items by Gul Khan Truck Art are not advised to be washed and scrubbed. However, they can completely be cleaned with a soft damp cloth.

Q: Can we cook in Handis?

A: Handis are for occasional serving and décor, you cannot cook in handis.

Q: Digitally printed mobile covers can be customized?

A: Yes, we can customized the digitally printed mobile/phone covers.

Q: Tray on wheels can be served on?

A: Yes, you can serve in the tray on wheels as it stays stiff and intact.

Q: Are candles scented?

A: Yes, scented candles are available in variety of designs at https://gulkhan.pk/product-category/scented-candles/

Q: How are the chamakpatti products made?

A: Chamakpatti products are 100% hand made from the scratch, with ultimate care and attention to the details and beautiful colours used in them.

Q: Do you take international orders?

A: Yes, Gul Khan Truck Art ships internationally, to over 200 countries across the globe.

Q: What are the shipping charges for International Orders?

A: Shipping charges are applied as per the standard rates of DHL / FedEx / Aramex / Skynet courier services.

Q: Are table runners printed?

A: Yes, table runners are digitally printed in high quality.

Q: What is a tea coaster?

A: Tea coaster is a small place mat for keeping a glass/mug. It prevents any stains on a table surface which is made up of plastic, wood or glass.

Q: Can you customize nameplates?

A: Yes, nameplates can be customized.

Q: Are there customization charges for the name plate?

A: For nameplates, changing texts has no additional or customization charges.