1. Where Are Your Products Made?

We are Pakistani brand and all our products are made here, 100% handmade from scratch. We take immense pride in bringing this unique art to the international community where people from around the globe have the opportunity to learn more about the rich traditions and various cultures of Pakistan.

2. From where do you operate?

We operate from Pakistan as an online retailer via online platforms i.e. our website and other social media channels. We aim to deliver our products all around the globe.

3. What makes you different from your competitors?

We don’t believe in the existence of any competition. We being a handmade business believe and support all the handmade businesses.
We have 93 categories consisting of 2,500+ designs / products available on our website.
Infact, no two handmade items are exactly alike. Variations in color, shading, texture, shape and grain are inherent in a handmade item. No two items are alike, so that every single one is
one-of-a-kind. This means that every handmade item you purchase is also one-of-a-kind. Moreover, our core values include to stay up to date with the on-going trends; we understand them and mould those and provide new designs that are loved across the globe and adapt to the changing demands of the customers. This gives the customer a convenient solution to get the latest product on one single platform rather than searching multiple options. This clearly states our differentiation from others in the market.

4. Are your products durable?

Handmade items reflect natural love, because our artisans/crafters play with every single composition, the careful integration and handmade items always features excellence. Hence the quality and durability of our products is not compromised at all, but precious stuff always require high end care and handling. Our customer service is always available to assist you and guide how to clean and take care of the products.

Newsletter FAQ's

1. Do you offer loyalty points or reward points, gift certificates, etc.?

At the moment we don’t offer any as such loyalty points or reward points, gift certificates, etc. However, if you subscribe to our newsletter, you can definitely avail all the early bird discounts, deals, vouchers and exclusive surprises just for you!

2. How Do I Subscribe To Your Newsletter?

You can subscribe to our newsletter by adding your email address to our website. The option is available at the left bottom of our webpage. SIGN UP NOW 🙂

3. Why Should I sign up for the Newsletter?

Signing up to our newsletter means being part of our team. We make sure to help you stay updated with all the latest promotions and offerings! Oh and of course being our team member, you also get various exclusive deals and discounts just for you!

4. How can I unsubscribe the Newsletter?

You can always unsubscribe our newsletters by following the unsubscription steps mentioned at the bottom of our emails.

Shipping FAQ's

1. Does Gul Khan Truck Art ships internationally?

Yes! Gul Khan Truck Art ships to over 200 countries! Shipping charges applied as per the standard rates of DHL / FedEx / Aramex / Skynet courier.

2. How much does shipping cost?

International Deliveries

All International deliveries are charged, the charges are defined on the Weight/Volume of the parcel and the charges are listed by major couriers such as DHL, Fedex, Aramex, Skynet and others for that specific month.

International Delivery Charges may vary because of fluctuations in their rates and policies.

Nationwide Delivery

Free delivery nationwide on order of Rs.2,000 & above.

3. How will my order be shipped?

International orders ship via DHL / FedEx / Aramex / Skynet courier. In some countries, packages are then transferred to your market’s local postal service. Available shipping methods will be listed at checkout and vary by country.

4. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

For all orders, be it local or international. Please allow us 4-20 business days for warehouse processing for all shipping methods

5. Help! My tracking information hasn't been updated in a while.

Order tracking information may not be available for the first 24 to 48 hours after you receive your Shipment Confirmation email. Also, several days may pass between package scans as your order moves between carrier locations. No worries! Your order is more than likely still en route to you!

6. My package says delivered, but I didn't receive it.

Sometimes packages are marked as delivered before they actually arrive! Your package will likely be delivered shortly after it’s been marked as delivered. Be sure to check with your neighbors and post office for more information. However, if you still haven’t received your package after 3-5 business days, please feel free to email us.

7. Where do your order ship from?

All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Karachi, Pakistan

8. Why was my order cancelled?

Sometimes we’re unable to process orders due to item availability. We also reserve the right to refuse to process any order due to suspected fraud or unauthorized or illegal activity. If such is the case, we may reject your order or our customer service department may call you at the phone number you provided to confirm your order