Our Story

10 years back, a story began about limitless designs and guaranteed creativity. This might take many of you by surprise, but Gul Khan is actually a brainchild of a woman. The entire ideology and thought process behind the brand belongs to our founder, Ms. Samia Ali.

Samia has always been a patriot and a true local art enthusiast. After exploring her own country, she saw how the beautiful scenery was used in the paintings by the people around and with humorous captions like “dekh magar pyaar se’ and ‘baray hokar corolla banungi”. She was truly inspired by truck art and its delicacy. She realized this was a lot more than just cultural expression. It involves the representation of emotions, passion, love, and care.

Women are armed with unique, powerful insights that can help create unparalleled solutions to a diverse range of problems — so it’s no surprise that a brand as unique, vibrant, and creative is owned and managed by women.

Samia Ali has been empowering her dreams for a decade now! Her product portfolio truly represents how she has always wanted to keep hand-painted truck art alive with the recent trends. Even in this digital age; keeping the perk of beautifully done truck art alive, that too bringing it for the first time in the Pakistani market with her digitally printed products has been quite a challenge yet an innovation.

She claimed, “It’s not enough for me to make just some beautiful items, but I want to come up with limitless creative designs. My end goal is to honor this history, creating patterns and products that people can feel a connection to, without having to visit the art galleries and museums later.” Having said that, she leveled up her game with Gul Khan’s newly launched grey-scale range of truck art products; naming the collection as TRUCK ART 2.0.

truckart from Gulkhan.pk

Moreover, Gul Khan is more of a transparent and empowering brand for everyone out there. From the diverse skilled labour to the diversely talented team. Keeping a creative space for each and everyone in the team.

Hence, Samia’s vision is not just to bring satisfaction and picture-perfect nooks and corners to clients’ homes; she also believes in building a strong team. As a leader, she declares it her mission to “embrace diversity from the team we hire, to the general carpenters, artisans, in our network, to a wide range of clients.”

Every product at Gul Khan has an incredible story of art, and you can easily sense it within the design. Samia once said; “One of my all-time favourites is the recently launched “Tray on Wheel” inspired by the basic ideology of trucks with the art themselves trundling off the roads! And this whole concept was brought forward and executed by the R & D team, composed of Nisha and Mariam.’

We at Gul Khan do not believe in the idea of eliminating men at all but that women should have an equal stake and a decision-making power! Women have it hard in all walks of life, be it personal or professional. But that is also why women are strong and resilient.

Focused on home décor and gifting space, the duo said it aims to ignite a sense of wonder and happy nostalgia through its products and count on women as its primary customers. Samia truly believes in the concept that; a house becomes a home when its people can creatively organize the décor to make it come alive with a signature look and feel, which we at Gul Khan have been working hard for the past 10 years with our products and designs.