About Us

Gul Khan has just one motive, to be acknowledged in every nook and corner of the world so we can tell his people what his skills are worth.


In case we are too loud for you and not up to your taste, you can provide us your favorite line/painting and we will have it customized for you!


This story started 3 years ago when a patriot Samia Ali, fed up of the news talking bad about the country decided to do something about it. She always believed her country; Pakistan was one of the most beautiful countries and had an amazing culture that needed to be shown to the world.

One day on her way to work she took a public bus. She couldn’t help but notice how beautifully the bus was painted. The beauty of truck art is that, Chainaks portrays the imagination of the artist, they are very vibrant and amusing., full of motivational quotations, song lyrics, and paintings depicting the natural beauty all around us. Apart from this, the patterns also include the images of renowned politicians and celebrities of Pakistan. Gazing at this creative art, an idea suddenly struck her and this was the day she decided that she will promote this national talent of our Pakistani artists all around the world.

Samia started to plan and visit places where she could find the best Truck Art design Artists. In search of inspiration, she traveled to different cities of Pakistan and each city had its own unique design of truck art. Exploring the mountains of Swat, Samia saw how the beautiful sceneries were used in the paintings by the people there. In the areas of Peshawar and Quetta, she was surprised to see how beautifully aggression with a mix of humor was portrayed in the truck art with captions like “Dekh Magar Pyaar Se”. She walked around the streets of Lahore and Rawalpindi and came across humorous taglines on the back of the trucks and rukshas like “Maa Ki Dua, Jannat ki Hawa” or “Main Badi Hoker Corolla Banungi”. Inspired by all the creativity and humor she started a business of selling objects with truck art designs and slogans on them.

It has been a year since Truck Art by Gul Khan is functioning and has become one of the leading national identity brands of Pakistan. Gul Khan has been promoting this art style, not only to our new generation but also creating a splash on the international markets, through foreign diplomats and ambassadors that visit other countries and gift their loved ones and business associates with a token of Truck Art based products celebrating Pakistani Culture.  

The product portfolios include beautifully painted plates, thaal, trays, kettle, cups, coasters, mugs which can be used in the kitchen and also offer home décor items, such as lantern, sandooq, wooden table, wooden chair, tissue box, Cushions, wall mirrors and key holder, which are also usable in a household. Truck art is also very popular in today’s fashion accessories items, such as Handbags, Travel bags, Clutches, kohlapuris, khussas, sandals, khussas with bells having truck art design. We also offer customized Truck Art on your desired products.