Handmade Mobile Cover Design 116


You can use Urdu, English or any other keyboard for typing your text. The same text in the same language you have chosen will appear on the final product.

* Font size may vary depending upon the size of the text



Silicone base with Traditional Chamakpatti (sticker art).

Only Available for Iphone 

*Rs.250 will be charged extra for any other phone/model

User guide:

Follow the below instructions for best usage:
As these phone covers are Handmade Chamakpatti (Sticker Art), they are susceptible to wear and tear from everyday use. You can best ensure the design stays intact by:

  • Avoiding contact with sharp products
  • Avoid putting them in pockets of clothing (jeans, jackets, etc.)
  • Avoid putting them in your purse/clutches
  • Saving them for special occasions!
  • Do not keep the cover/case nearby volatile liquids (petrol, ethanol, ethyl, acetone, etc), as it may deface the painted surface.
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